Acquire Support Overview


Scheduling Demos

You can book demos with the sales team during a live chat by clicking the link here: If the requested time is after or before the times' listed, email and let him know. Note you will need their email address and name at minimum to book the demo. If you don’t have their phone number just put 0000000.

Please email the chat transcript to after it is closed. 



From now on everyone who uses Live Chat should start using the provided tags to provide better analytics internally.  If you feel like some tags are missing feel free to add them as necessary. As of now, they match the groups in the “Production Bugs Board” on

Zendesk Tickets

Below is  recorded a video that outlines how to use Zendesk and integrate it with

Using Zendesk and Monday - Watch Video 

For all issues that cannot be resolved in 48 hours from non-aipac clients, we will push the live chat details to Zendesk. The US team will handle communication with the client from there onwards.

 If there is an associated bug within, we will add the Zendesk Ticket ID to the bug.  All status changes to the bug will update automatically to the ticket once the ID has been added. 

If possible please also include the ticket link as an internal note in the ticket along with any relevant details. If the chat is very long please also include a brief description of the issue. 

Knowledge Base

For all new or updated Knowledge base articles use the link here. Once the requested link is posted on this Google Sheet. The US team will edit it and write the necessary information and publish it. 

Most Common Issues

India Team and US team will aim to meet every  2-3 weeks and try and discuss the most common issues that we are experiencing. We can then try and tackle those issues within Knowledge Base by writing more relevant articles. We can also use this to make product feature improvement recommendations to the Engineering team. 

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